Why Detail?

Every day environmental contaminants are attacking your vehicle!!!


Left unprotected, these environmental conditions can permanently damage your finish!

Protect your vehicle from the brutal elements, both summer and winter, inside and out. Protect your investment, above average cars can bring as much as double the value of a below average car. Best of all you’ll gain the enjoyment of driving a car that retains that “new car feeling you are always proud to be seen in”.

A true detail job, whether it is inside, outside or the entire car, includes cleaning everything from the tiny crevices to the dirtiest part.

At Morrissette’s when doing an entire car we begin by removing the toughest grime, and the door jams are treated with degreaser. The paint gets sprayed with tar and wax remover (and bug remover during the summer season). If the carpets or seats are stained a pretreater spot remover is applied as well. The lower portion of the car is scrubbed with a tough yet gentle pad to loosen stubborn tar. That’s the beginning, now we start the cleaning. Using a hot water (1500 psi) pressure washer the door jams are cleaned of all dirt and grease — followed by washing out the wheel wells. The tires are sprayed with white wall cleaner and the wheels get brake dust remover before being pressure washed clean. The final step of our prep phase is hand washing the outside of the car with a striper (strong grease cutting soap) that leaves a residue free surface ready for buffing.

1Interiors are next, carpets and cloth seats are steam cleaned with a professional extractor. Hot water with cleaning solution/ deodorizer mixed in and heated to about 210 degrees is sprayed into the fabrics and vacuumed back out with a suction force twice that of a shop-vac. We also use this machine to remove the sticky mess at the bottom of the cup holders and cubby holes. The water is hot enough to melt candy out of fabrics and off hard plastic. Floor mats are pressure washed first and then cleaned with the extractor. All the plastic, vinyl and leather inside the vehicle is scrubbed truly clean. When clean it regains the sheen you remember from when the car was new. The dash and center console are cleaned with great care to ensure no spot is missed. The windows are washed inside and a final inspection is done of the interior before we move on to the last step, the paint. On an average vehicle the seats are left only damp when we are finished. We provide plastic seat protectors for your comfort and protection on your ride home.

Now, having cleaned the messiest and the plushest, we move on to protecting the outside from the environment it must endure every day. This process starts with treating tires, bumper inserts, trim and moldings against fading, cracking and hardening with a concentrated, long lasting, professional dressing. Following this the paint is buffed with only the very finest, most durable wax we have found. It is a continual quest here at Morrissette’s to find a wax that will stay on your car for the greatest length of time. Wax is the only protection your paint has. Lastly the entire outside surfaces are hand rubbed with a detailer product to bring out the very last bit of shine possible, plus it’s an anti-static to resist dust on the paint and water resister so the rain simply rolls off your car. You can actually drive with-out wipers and your windshield stays clear, I’ve done it.

There is only one other additional step you can choose to have done to your vehicle, compound. What is it? It’s the process used to remove light to moderate scratches such as those caused by tree branches or a jumping dog or fingernails. If the paint isn’t scratched through to the primer chances are it can be compounded out or at the very least polished to a point that makes it barely noticeable to you. In addition to scratch removal it also removes oxidation and chemical spotting from acid rain. Compounding will deliver the best possible shine from your paint. Any car several years old will be noticeably brighter if polishing compound is used in the detailing process. Compounding is done before any other step so the decision to do it has to be made before we begin on your vehicle.
Seat – Before Detailing
Seat – After Detailing